Monday, April 14, 2008


Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) wishes to inform you about its initiative in combating spam in its Internet Protocol (IP) network to improve our quality of service.
Recently, many anti-spams, organizations have blacklisted a large number of IP addresses from TM’s network. Due to this, many customers have been unable to send emails from their mail server to companies, which are using databases from the abovementioned anti-spam organizations.
These spamming activities by a small group have affected a large number of our customers, regardless of the nature of their usage.

Therefore, TM is taking immediate action to address this issue where TM will blockport 25 for all outgoing e-mails from dynamic IP addresses. Only Outbound SMTP traffic from and will be permitted. This will be done in phases, starting in the Brickfields area, subsequently followed by Klang Valley area before being implemented nationwide. OUTBOUND Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) traffic or

With this exercise, Streamyx customers with dynamic IP addresses, who have their own mail server will not be able to send out-going e-mails. As an alternative, TM will be providing customers with two options. Customers may choose to relay their mail server to our SMTP or use port 587 for any outgoing e-mails. Kindly refer to the following links for configuration details:

How to configure the relay for client -
How to configure port 587 for client -
How to setup relay host in mail server-
How to configure port 587 for mail server – Customers may need to refer to their administrator or hosting service provider to support and turn on port 587 for their mail server.

Kindly be assured that TM is proactively taking all possible measures to ensure that these spamming activities do not reoccur in the future. We seek your kind co-operation to implement the necessary security measures to protect your computers, which are connected to the Internet from any e-mail abuse, virus infection, spyware or malicious code.

For further enquiries and assistance, email us at: or contact TM at 100 and select ‘Internet Services’.

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Friday, April 4, 2008

How to import Internet Account File (*.iaf) into Outllook Express

Some one send you a Internet Account file (xxx.iaf), you need to import into your Outlook Express.

Here is the steps import the *.iaf file into Microsoft Outlook Express
Step 1
Open Outlook Express
Then click the Tools > Accounts

Step 2
Then click the Import
Select the Internet Account Files (*.iaf) the click Open

Now you may received your email and send your email

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