Thursday, April 30, 2009

What domain name disputes can be settled in Malaysia?

Only disputes over .my country code top level domain names can be settled through domain name dispute resolution proceedings in Malaysia. This is because only .my country code top level domain names can be registered in Malaysia with the Malaysian Network Information Centre (MYNIC). All .my domain name dispute resolutions are governed by the MYDRP, the Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy prepared by MYNIC. Other domain disputes have to be settled through other organisations (Check the ICANN site for leads).

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What is a domain name dispute?

What is a domain name dispute?
A domain name dispute essentially means a dispute concerning the registration and/or use of a domain name. A domain name is simply a textual address by which anyone can find a host machine which hosts, for example, your website, on the Internet. Disputes over domain names have increased because domain names have become important as identifiers to businesses, joining other identifiers protected by intellectual property rights such as trademarks.

Why do such disputes arise?
Because of the first-come, first-served nature of domain name registration systems. Domain name registration service providers do not screen the filing of potentially problematic names. This is due to several reasons, including the practical difficulties involved in determining who holds the rights to a name.

What are the main causes of domain name disputes?
Most domain name disputes are due to cybersquatting. This is when third parties start registering as domain names, trademarks, names of famous people or businesses with which they usually have no connection as domain names. Usually, cybersquatters will register several variations of these names and then sell them back to the company or person involved, or auction them for prices sometimes way above the registration cost. Other cybersquatters use these domain names to attract business to their own sites.

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Friday, April 3, 2009

P1 W1max vs Streamyx connection - comparision

Due to Streamyx slow connection speed on 3 April (TMnet - a disruption of its Internet services due to circuit faults on the SMW3 between Tuas) Our Company recently just sign up with the P1 Wimax.

The connection speed is faster than Tmnet streamyx after we test.

If you are doing the internet business. Entertop suggest and recommend the P1 Wimax wireless Internet broadband service. Please See our latest comment - Support Index

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Announcements from TMnet - a disruption of its Internet services due to circuit faults on the SMW3 between Tuas

If You facing internet connection speed slow, please look the announcements bellow from TMnet

Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) wishes to announce that there is a disruption of its Internet services due to circuit faults on the SMW3 between Tuas, Singapore and Penang linking Malaysia to Hong Kong and APCN2 near Chongming, China connecting Malaysia to the United States. As a result, customers using the Internet services may experience slow browsing while accessing websites hosted in the U.S. and Hong Kong.

In addition, customers using other IP services such as Virtual Private Network (VPN) and other critical business applications linked to the U.S. and Hong Kong may also experience some service degradation.

To alleviate the problem, some of the links have been rerouted to alternate routes to ease the congestion.

Restoration works on the affected cables are already in progress. However, during the restoration process, traffic to Northern America and Hong Kong may experience degradation. However, traffic to other countries will not be affected. TM expects complete recovery of its services by 5 April 2009 and will make further announcements on the progress of the restoration works.

TM wishes to assure its customers that it is undertaking all necessary measures to restore communications services for its customers as soon as possible.

Customers can call TM at 100 and select “Internet Services” or e-mail us at for any Internet related problems.

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