Saturday, May 2, 2009

p1 Wimax not that stable, Pone Wimax after use review

After One Month using on P1 wimax, we find that the P1 wimax not the stable.

The bellow is some of our review about the P1 Wimax

1. We using p1 wimax broadband. We cannot login some of the website. Some time event the also can not login. But other using ISP can log in.

2. P1 Wimax have cache on their server. Some time we visit the website is not the latest website. Some of the website that we visit is five days ago. But other ISP don't have this issue.

3. Upload speed to the ftp server is slower than dial up modem.

Now we know why the P1 wimax come out the 24 month package get free modem. Because P1 wimax afraid you run away, so bond your 2 years - Support Index

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